Who is The Gateway Adelaide

We are Soul Sisters with a shared memory brought together to follow our respective passions to help you change your life.

The Gateway Adelaide is your path home.

A concept remembered in the early hours of the morning, the purpose of The Gateway Adelaide is to provide a variety of services that help us to find ourselves and a sense of connection through offerings such as workshops, supportive gatherings, healing modalities, and events all with a spiritual context.


The Gateway Adelaide’s main aim is to build community, giving people of all walks of life a sense of connectedness and purpose.


In today’s society it is easy to feel isolated and lonely, especially with social media; we’ve lost the art of human interaction and support and as a result people the world over are sicker than ever before. With a growing network of practitioners to refer to, we are also able to direct you to a variety of modalities to help aid your healing journey.


Red Tent

Women’s Gatherings, also known as Circles or Red Tents, are a traditional coming together of women at their most vulnerable time each month, New Moon.


It is an opportunity for women to give back to themselves, to energetically cleanse, rejuvenate, and refill so they can continue to give to those around them truly knowing they are enough and loved.

It is an opportunity to uncover their authentic selves, their truth, make deep and lasting friendships, and rediscover the wonders of their female essence.

Red Tents | Circles | Gatherings can be found across the globe and their numbers are growing! 

If you would like view the details of upcoming New Moons events please visit the Events Page.

Come; rest yourself a while.

Red Tent Directories

New Moon Circles


Rites of Passage

As women we move through our cycles and across thresholds and these were traditionally honoured with sacred ceremonies. 

A returning to the old ways with a new twist, initiations are available for individual women and small groups.

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By placing the hands on our over a person's body, vibrational energy is used to create a disruption in the person's energy field so that the body can create its own healing catalyst for change. Reiki is effective at creating a sense of calm, deep relaxation, and serenity so that a balance can be found once again.


A hands on healing technique, originally taught by Usui sensei from Japan, Reiki is one of the most widely used and known forms of energy and vibrational healing.

Clinic sessions are now available in Adelaide and Whyalla by appointment only.

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