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The essence of belonging is through community and support. A central hub.

One of the key functions of The Gateway Adelaide is to support people through life with a variety of methods. 

From education in the form of purposeful knowledge to help you better navigate your life, one on one consultations to help shift stuck emotions, and energy healing techniques to find the root cause of physical ailments, we can usually help pinpoint a modality to support you.

If you wish to consult with Kate please contact her via email or directly on 0405 131 250.


We are always on the look out for new and interesting courses, workshops, and presentations for we aim to offer a variety of different approaches from in person, to eCourses, to webinars.

If you are a practitioner and have a modality or course you feel would benefit our community or as a member you have a request, please contact us.

0405 131 250

PO Box 119 Highbury SA 5089

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