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It can be hard to find your voice in the noise of society's proclamations, whether that be in real life or on social media, we are constantly swamped with the new, the bright, the shiny. It can be increasingly hard to find your tribe and even express your perspective without judgement, criticism and in a valued manner. 

We can get caught up in the flashiness of "influencers" and fancy words in memes designed to distract us from our own presence.

I've tried the social media thing, both personally and professionally and what I've discovered is that I get lost in that sea of noise. I don't want to be fighting and shouting to have my voice heard. 

And I don't want you to experience that either. 

So, in the hope that we can find quiet refuge, I've created this online community, a place for us all to gather, share, discuss and find solace in the support of a like-minded tribe. 

If this sounds like someplace you would like to hang out, please jump in. Become a member (it's free) and tell us about yourself. 

I'm all about safe spaces and non-judgement.


This is a place for your true self.

What you will get

  • Honesty and truth genuinely expressed

  • Rituals

  • Musings and ideas

  • Updates on offerings and services

  • Thought provoking discussions

  • References and resources not otherwise available - for free!

What you won't get

  • blatant and overwhelming advertising

  • Empty promises

  • Censorship (see guidelines)

  • Narrow minded views

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