• Kate

A lesson in manifesting

Kids are amazing especially when we don't interrupt them and they are given the safe space to explore their own intuitive natures, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In my experience it doesn't matter in what arena of life either, it could be to do with their health, or art, or movement. Whatever it is, kids really do know what they need and they are absolutely in sync with the Universe; tonight while cooking dinner I was, once again, reminded of this.

We have a 6 (and two thirds - as he reminds me) year old son. He is a spirited handful. In fact, he's a two hands full. Sometimes more, but I wouldn't change him (at least not today - ask me on one of his off days and that answer will be different).

My husband and I are really careful to give him the structure and boundaries all kids need without crushing him. Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we don't. Truth is, he can be obstinate. Bullheaded and obstinate. And I'm not talking defiance, although sometimes that comes in, I mean that on his tricky days he would argue that the sky was orange knowing full well it's blue just because he can and because you said it was blue.

Tonight while I was cooking dinner I asked him to and tidy his room. Moan, groan, why why why, but but but, every argument under the sun. Me, eventually, trying not to lose my shit with a "Dude! Go and do it, please. It's not that hard..."

He stomped off and did what I asked. Did he clean his room up? Yes, pretty much, after he reorganised his Lego. Priorities, right?

My husband came out chuckling and saying that A had reorganised his Lego to make way for the next kit he has big plans to buy from his savings.

Next thing, A is calling me into his room and showing me the cleared space for his new masterpiece (that he does not yet own) and telling me where it will go, why those other things will be around it and how it will be positioned etc. He was very animated, passionate, and excited.

Husband laughed and said, "but you don't own it, why not put something else there?”

A looked at him a little confused, "because that's where the new one will go."

It dawned on me as I turned to my husband and said, "you know, he's manifesting. He's living like it is in his life already. He's expecting it to be there and is living like he already own it. That's manifesting."

I felt like I had been slapped in the face with the wet dish cloth. My 6 year old had given us a lesson in manifesting; so simple, and so easy.

The truth is, he wants something to enter his life so he made space for it by clearing away the old, and making room for the new. He has no doubt it will arrive, he doesn't question when or how. All he has to worry about is where it will go and keeping space open to receive it.

As adults we tend to complicate things. We overthink, or we logic things out of our grasp. We buy into the belief that it can't or won't work because we are adults and adults know better. Truth is we don't. My 6 year old has a better handle on manifesting than I do and I've actually studied it and done a 12 month manifesting program!

As I stood in his doorway, dumbstruck and in awe I was amazed that this young person, who is working completely intuitively, is entering into a manifesting practice, and in the new moon phase, no less.

So this kid, that I routinely want to throttle (figuratively not literally, I assure you) is a manifesting boss who kicked my ass once again with his inner knowing.

With manifesting being so damn simple and uncomplicated that a 6 year old can do it - what are you inviting into your life?


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