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An open letter to my sisters

Dear Sisters,

Let me start by saying that I have deep respect and favour for each of you. I know being a woman is tough and often what we do is thankless. There are complexities to us that we hardly understand, let alone understood by those around us, so please bear in mind that whatever I write here, as triggering as it may be is done so for our growth and to help illuminate our collective path.

Having said that - what the fuck?

I mean it what the fuck? Where are you? Have you disappeared into the depths of solitude yet to arise? Have you been swallowed whole by a plastic filled giant whale and dragged to the bottom of the ocean?

I started out with such high hopes of creating a community for women, safe places for females to gather where we could be heard and not fixed. Laugh without reservation and cry without feeling guilt. Share without restrictions and yet where are you?

Yet again I find myself cancelling gatherings from no interest, yet again, I find myself asking why am I doing this? Yet again, I feel dejected and rejected (which is my own shit to work through).

Yet again I feel like women don't want to make the effort.

Yet again I find myself lamenting that we want to rise but where are we? Who is doing the actual rising?! Do you, sisters, not realise that YOU have to do the work too? This cannot be left to the few to do the work of the many, that's not how this works!

You can share and like all the posts on social media and sit at home meditating and playing with crystals for as long as you like but that won't do you much good if you are still complaining about the same old same old without making the changes in yourself.

Guess what? We are not perfect and we have to work on ourselves in order to improve our situation. There are long held beliefs that need unpacking, there is trauma in our DNA that needs to be witnessed, hell, we need to learn how to trust ourselves and those around us fully again. And guess what? Yeah, we need to learn to love rather than bitch and moan.

I get it's cold in winter and hot in summer. I get that you'd prefer not to be asked uncomfortable questions but I'm here to tell you that RISING does not work like that!

You want change? You want to be seen as equal? You want to be held, honoured, and recognised? Do you want to be rid of the glass ceiling? Then fucking get in here and do the fucking work!

Stop finding excuses, just stop. Work, the partner, the kids, the dog, the cat, the next door neighbour, the grocery shopping, the present you didn't buy for the grandson of your cousin's sister's brother. Whatever fucked up excuse you've got for me, stop it. I've heard them all. I don't have the money, I don't have the time, I'm too tired, things are crazy busy, it clashes with bedtime, I have to work late. If you made it free, I'd come. Bull fucking shit. Do you know how I know? Because I have made all those excuses too. Sister, you are not pulling the wool over my eyes.

Do you realise that in order for things to change in our lives we have to roll up our sleeves and get uncomfortable and a little dirty? We have to spend some time recognising that we too have faults and that until we accept those faults we can complain and project as much as we like but nothing will change? The definition of stupidity is to do the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different outcome.

Last time I checked we were not stupid - yet here we are...

You want to blame the men? Fine. Go ahead. There is no ground to be made there. You want to blame the politicians? Fine. Again, won't get you anywhere. You want to blame the state of the environment on corporate greed and sit on your high horse while you scroll your phone liking, sharing and signing petitions. Go right ahead. I won't stop you. There comes a point though where you have to admit that you, dear sister, like me, are part of the solution.

You may not like me much at the moment, and you know what, I am okay with that. I'm going to tell you one more truth... The saying "be the change you want to see in the world" actually has an action attached to it. In order to BE the CHANGE you have to MAKE change. That means getting a whole lot of uncomfortable with the things you think you believe and starting to ask, what is MY truth. And you know what? It's probably going to be a whole lot different to what you think it is.

Powerful shit happens when women decide to get up and mobilise. Look at the current changemakers in our world - surely you've seen them as you scroll your FB or Insta feeds? Let me throw you some names... Marianne Williamson, Jacinta Arden, Greta Thumburg. These are 3 of thousands of women that are leading with their voice in causes and situations that require attention and ACTION.

What action are you taking or are you staying comfortable?

I'm not pretending that I am better or wiser than anyone else, all I want is the opportunity to hold space so that you too can become everything I know you to be without having to resort to living small and insignificant lives out of fear and the status quo.

Let's get a little spiritual for a moment - next year, 2020 is the official kick off of the Age of Aquarius, if you thought things looked uncomfortable now we are in for a big shock. The world needs to be turned on its head but the question is will you be part of the revolution or will you be a victim of change?

Does this all trigger you, sister? Does this makes you angry, uncomfortable? Upset even? Good, it fucking well should.

Much love,


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