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Bad Manners versus Bad Karma

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

"She didn't leave feedback on a free reading post, it's bad karma!"

Oh for the love of god, seriously? Need I say more? Does this need explaining? Based on the nature of this statement I would say that, yes, yes I do need to say more. With that in mind, into the fray I go...

Please stop using this phrase. It isn't bad karma it's poor manners. You know, those little things we do that stop us regressing into feral animals that scratch their ass while eating? Okay, so poor example because some people actually do that, but you get my point! Manners are put in place so that we have some form of cohesion and basic level of expectation in society. Karma really has shit to do with it.

Can we reflect on what karma actually is for a moment? It's the weighing of our deeds that we did during an earthly life. Like, did you murder someone? Did you steal, rape, and pillage villages? Did you overthrow a King - this one can go either way really... Not did you leave feedback as part of an energy exchange.

For the love of life, people, can we please stop being so goddamn petty? We have bigger fish to fry like getting rid of inept politicians or saving the world from catastrophic ruin, or remembering that it's a Master 22 day and we must all be living in love and light because a guru said so.

I should probably explain the origins of this karma rant - there was a post on a Facebook group by a member who pointed out that a "free" reading is not actually free because it is common courtesy to offer feedback or a public FB review on the reader's skills as an opportunity for professional growth and development. Truthfully, this was news to me. I thought a free reading was, essentially free. You know, without cost or payment aka free. Apparently the definition of free changed and the dictionary was not updated (someone should probably let the Dictionary gods know...) and in the comments (because you know I had to read it to find out WTF this person was on about) the phrase was used that someone didn't offer feedback and it was "bad karma".

This is the point where you insert the rolling of eyes and a groan of oh puhleese. I know it's an expression and a common one but it doesn't mean I have to like it. Clearly the use of it is incorrect.

I doubt that Anubis, when weighing hearts down in the good ol' Egypt under-hood grabbed the next heart to put on the scales while Thoth read his hieroglyphic notes, saw, "DID NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK" and so Anubis went, "well fuck" and flicked it off to the side so Ammut could chow down like a croc on a chicken.

If that's the case then we are all screwed.

I would hazard a guess that you aren't a saint, neither am I; so if we are all doomed to be eaten by an ancient Crocodile Goddess for something so small and, let's face it, in the scheme of things, insignificant, then we might as well throw caution to the wind and break out in social discord and anarchy right now.

All sarcasm and jokes aside, karma is not something to be laughed at. It's actually an important balancing act for the Universe. In fact, universally, we run on karma. Some say that we are in a time of acceleration and need to be more mindful of our actions towards others. Personally I don't believe in this justification because if you think it's only now that you need to be considerate of people then we probably need to have a serious talk about how you've shit on people.

When I say a balancing act, I mean that our deeds in this life determine the experiences we have in future lives. For example, if you have experienced a significantly life altering event in this life that caused you to drop to your knees in dire woe then that's probably karma balancing out.

When we commit an immoral or deeply hurtful act against another soul in any life (and I'm talking soul deep here) it is reciprocated back to us so that we can experience the flip side and learn the lesson of our actions. Oh look, that's karma! Equally, if an act of that magnitude was committed against you then you can rest assured that the lesson will be taught in kind, in future lives, to those who require it.

Remember the thing called free will? We choose our actions, good, bad, and ugly, so when both parties have learned the lesson (perpetrator and victim and vice versa) through experience then karma is balanced and the circle is complete. Ahh the circle of life except, the circle of karma (I feel like I need to hold a glowing orb above my head on a rocky outcrop...)

We could get into the role of karma as a means of soul growth but for now we will keep it simple. My point here is that it is BIG.

What I tend to think this person was talking about was an incomplete energy exchange and poor manners which is entirely different to karma.

Interestingly this all occurs in a Mercury retrograde so this is probably more about clarity of communication and clear explanation of expectations than it is about some woman's heart being devoured from lack of feedback.


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