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Benevolent Change

We have bushfires raging across Australia. Our east coast is ablaze and now parts of South Australia have also seen their share of destruction. We are seeing a huge amount of people displaced due to the devastation, many hectares, homes and animals, and even people, lost.

Every year Australia, and many places around the world, face the risk of fires but this year, like last year, the risk is significantly higher. Our country and specifically, most at risk areas, were left with far too much bushfire fuel on the ground due to cuts in maintenance funding from state and federal governments. The lack of action on climate change in Australia is also contributing to the rise in the risk factors.

Speaking with friends recently it has been joked that Mother Earth with her volcanic erruptions, earthquakes, bushfires and other environmental events is trying kill us and truthfully, I agreed with this. She is likening us to a toxic pest and is trying to rid herself of what is killing her. This is an extreme thought but is it so unlikely?

When you consider that, it can leave you with a sense of foreboding and impending doom but what if we change our perception and instead see this as a death and rebirth scenario. Whether it be bushfires raging or volcanic erruptions, destruction while definitely no fun is a part of the cycle of life and change. Things must be destroyed for the new to be birthed.

Like everyone, I spend my fair share of time trying to make sense of the world and the events around me. I could throw at you the "everything happens for a reason" line (and it does) but that may not cut it at the moment - it didn't for me. Every now and then, when I am really struggling to get my head around a destructive event, whether in my personal life or in the community at large, I turn to an unusual source: Kyron.

Kyron is a committee of galactic energies that Lee Carroll channels and they provide guidance and assistance in ways to live a high vibrational life and to aid humanity in advancing as spiritual beings. I know for some people the concept of Galactic beings is a stretch but I tend to view it that if we are willing to accept that we are made of star dust then we may as well accept that star dust comes from the stars.

Kyron of Magnetic Service with the aid of their vessel, Lee Carroll, provide us with messages of unconditional love. I tend to visit the website and read whatever catches my eye and I find that doing this in times when I am confused and feeling lost or when I have lost faith in humanity or life and am bemused by the current state of things, I end up with a new perspective and things make sense.

The most recent transcript I read was the story of Wo. In this channel session Kyron delivered a story of a future human's way of living. One of the aspects that Wo will adopt is the concept of benevolent change. Our current perception on change is one of fear - OH NO! What are we going to do? This is a disaster! And victimhood - why does this always happen to me? What have I done to deserve this? Why does --- get all the luck? That should have been me! And on it goes.

Kyron informed us that with the "new human" the perception will change and instead of fearing change or living from a woe-begotten mindset we will see that missing out, negative experiences, and crisis are actually gifts. This might be a stretch of the imagination but think about it, in order for something to change something has to end. We may not see the end as a positive experience in the moment but once we have lived through the challenge we will see what it has provided us in its place. Kyron is not suggesting that we will enjoy every moment of the act of change but more we will see it as an opportunity for something new and better to enter our lives.

When we overlay this concept to the current state of our environmental crisis this change is showing us truth. In Australia we have watched as our Prime Minister has left the country at a time when we need all the support and leadership we can get to help redirect and more effectively manage emergency services and make available resources but instead he has chosen to step away and has not stepped up to the leader's mantle. We could lament how this has left us adrift in a sea of doubt and confusion or we could see this as the benevolent change to something better. His actions have shown us what we are unwilling to accept. It is giving the opportunity for community leaders to step up, it is instead giving us an opportunity to support ourselves at a grass roots level. To look to each other for the kindness, support and compassion that we had hoped to see from our "father figure".

We are seeing this truth revealing on a global scale, our Mother is turning up the discomfort level because change must happen - she is being the benevolent change that is required to birth the new. From the ashes of the old the new will arise.

I know it may seem strange but this small shift in perspective has provided me with comfort. While I am not the one directly affected, and I'm sure seeing this as positive would be more difficult if it were my home and property that was lost, I am able to hold the reassurance, the hope, and the faith for those who at the moment cannot. I am able to use my energy and my focus on the horizon, on the change that will come, while those who are putting their lives back together rebuild.

This is the midwifing, the space holding and the job that those of us not directly affected must do. It is not our job to lament the wrongs. It is not our job to fall victim to the negative perspectives. It is our job to focus on and anchor hope so that those around us are not lost. It is our job to be the lighthouse that those affected need.

This is what Kyron taught me when I felt depressed and angry at the world.

If you are interested you can read the transcripts of the channeled session from Kyron here.

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