Circle ticket structure changes

The New Year has arrived and with it comes an opportunity to check in with how we are travelling with regard to our desired feelings, goals, aspirations, visions, and methods.

The Gateway Adelaide's core objectives are entrenched in support, community, connection, and growth, and we use a variety of methods to achieve this from circle gatherings, rites of passage, reiki sessions, to workshops and incorporate different methodologies along with way.

One thing I always strive to maintain is affordability. I don't believe people should be restricted and isolated based on their financial situation. It's often hard to reconcile remuneration with a desire to remain accessible.

This year I want to do things a little differently and I want to focus on sharing wealth.

Abundance can be an interesting concept, you see, the more we share the more we attract. When we operate from a lack mindset and out of scarcity, we often attract situations that prove our limitation. I also believe that this year we are at a crossroad, we have to choose whether we commit to change or whether we continue on our globally and locally destructive path. This has led me to some interesting thought processes like, how am I contributing to sustainable practices and where am I consciously choosing to invest my time, energy, money, and effort.

In previous years I have helped to map out my direction with workbooks from Leonie Dawson and Danielle LaPorte and I have again used these books as a platform to evaluate my direction and focus. One of the sections in Leonie Dawson's business workbook that has piqued my interest is "how did your business contribute to philanthropy?"

There are so many things that we can do on a personal level to support humanity and our world but I had not considered it on a business level; it makes sense - especially for The Gateway Adelaide!

So, with that in mind, this year, tickets for all events (circles, Rites of Passage, workshops, etc) will include a few extra options.

Firstly, Red Tent tickets will increase from $15 to $20 per circle, this ensures that I am able to continue to purchase circle resources and run meaningful gatherings that benefit, hold, and support those that attend. As I'm sure you can understand, running these events takes time and effort but I am determined to keep circles affordable and accessible for all women.

Secondly, tickets will come with 3 options:

  1. Event ticket ONLY

  2. Event ticket with a $5 donation

  3. Event ticket with a $10 donation

This year, with additional funds collected through ticket sales, The Gateway Adelaide will support 2 not for profit organisation | charities that are aligned to our philosophy and aims. Quarterly I will split donations between TreeSisters and Share the Dignity. TreeSisters is an organisation that funds the replanting of tropical rain forests throughout the world to help combat climate change. Share the Dignity is an Australian organisation that provides sanitary and personal hygiene products to women and girls experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, and period poverty.

Why 3 ticket options?

I cannot and will not force or coerce people into donating, I feel that brings the wrong kind of energy to the gesture. Truthfully, some people are not in a position to offer a donation, some may not feel aligned to these 2 organisations, I honour and respect both perspectives. Some may only wish to donate a small amount and not every month and by this selection I am able to accommodate more options.

I am hopeful that this choice will be well received and that together we are able to help make a difference in our world and commit to sustainable and supportive practices both environmentally and socially.


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