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Energy Healing and Permission

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I've sat on this for a while now, wondering if I should write it or not and I've finally decided that yes, it is necessary. I wish I didn't have to but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that this conversation is required.

Recently I was offered a distance energy healing to help deal with a trauma I was living through, it was offered by an experienced energy healer whom at the time I trusted. After the healing the practitioner contacted me and said that they had sent me some healing and had removed something from me - the energetic object they removed was known to me and was there with my permission. I also wanted it to remain in place.

To know that this experienced practitioner assumed that it was okay to remove this from me angered me and made me feel violated. It also broke the trust I have with this healer.

And so, I feel we need to have this conversation: If you are an energy worker, hands on healer, or vibrational healer or if you receive these types of energetic and/or vibrational healings, express permission MUST be sought from the client before anything is removed from their energetic, physical, emotional, or spiritual bodies. I am an energy and vibrational healing practitioner and I've worked quite closely with a lot of other modalities over the years. I have worked in education settings that teach alternative therapies and alongside many different clinical specialists that specialise in teaching clinical studies to budding practitioners. I have listened to this sentence so many times it is burned into my consciousness: You must at all times, seek permission to touch and treat from your client. This is not assumed. This is not simply do you want healing? More and more people are seeking energetic solutions and treatment to balance themselves, and are even open to the concept that medically unexplained issues may have an energetic root cause. I am not a standard Reiki Master (although that is what I am attuned to) I don't let my energy just flow to where it is needed. I scan the body and sense/see where issues lay and I remove blockages and objects that are creating dis-ease or discomfort, I repair damage from past lives and even from this life that all have an energetic signature. As part of this I must first "diagnose" what the issue is for the client. This involves a simple process of speaking aloud what I find and asking aloud (not to their higher self or in their head but vocally) "Do you wish me to remove it or fix it?" I do not rely on a spiritual answer or deity, or guide, or energy to advise me on whether it needs removal or repair, it is not their body, it is the client's. When we remove objects or blockages from a client without their express permission we are robbing them of the potential lesson that occurs with it. We may think we know better because of our training (mind you this is quite egotistical), or feel this will benefit our client and give them clarity and ease their burden BUT what do they actually learn from the experience? That 'someone' will swoop in and solve their problems? Or are we potentially removing something from them that they have put in place to protect themselves at that moment? Are we opening a flood gate that the client is ill-prepared to handle at this present moment? Some may argue that we only uncover what we are strong enough to face, and yes, I am a believer in this, but again, whose choice is it? Do we have a right as a practitioner to force this issue into the world for this client? Personally I believe the answer is no. Our job as an energy worker is to show the client the problem, not to solve it. Many times people go to an energy worker not for a specific problem but because they're feeling "off" and no one else has provided them with a solution. We, at the moment for many, are considered a last resort, a desperate step, and in most cases, even for those who regularly receive energy healing, we don't know exactly what the problem is or where it is, just that it is "there". As I see it, and as I practise, when we find something significant talk to the client and ask them if they want to work on it today. If they say no, that is THEIR RIGHT. They may not be ready - honour that.

Consider this: A woman goes to her doctor to be examined for a lump in her breast. The doctor does the examination, says they need to give her an injection and then the next then she knows she is waking up in a hospital bed and her breast has been removed. Distressed, she asks the doctor, "what did you do and why did you do it?!" To which the Doctor replies, "your examination showed a possibility of breast cancer so we cut it off." Now I know this is an extreme scenario and one where you're going, "a Doctor would never do that". And you're right, they wouldn't, because there is a standard set of agreed upon ethics and regulations around medical professionals. Why then does an energy worker have the right to remove anything from our 4 bodies without express permission too? With an abundance of energy medicine practitioners out there and more and more people seeking attunement into such modalities as Reiki, it is crucial that we also develop a rigorous set of ethics and guidelines around treatment and consultation. As part of the Master Practitioner creed we state that we will do no harm. By overlooking a basic ethic to seek permission to treat, not just to touch, but to TREAT, we are in fact doing harm. I urge every practitioner to consider this - where do you stand? What are your ethics and principles? How do you treat? Similarly I also urge every client to ask your practitioner, what are your ethics and principles around treatment? Do you ask before removing what you find? And most importantly, ask yourself do I need to give my permission or am I happy to trust? Energy and vibrational healing is powerful, we need to adopt and develop integrity and ethics just like every other modality and it starts with conversations like this.

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