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Full Moon Feels

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

(Note: This is my personal take on how I am feeling in the lead up to this full moon, if you are looking for astrology specific information check out the bottom of this post for links.)

Chaotic. That's how this lead up is feeling for me. Chaotic and big, and it's making me anxious; my inner Virgo control freak does. not. like. it. Not one bit.

See, I'm a sun sign Virgo and a moon sign Taurus, with a rising Aquarius so I'm grounded but have moments where I am totally off with the fairies and this full moon is really testing me and knocking me for six. Talk about not happy!

I always try and read articles on what is happening at a full moon or new moon, and even when I'm feeling "off kilter" energetically to give myself a grounding and understanding on what is happening (check out below for links to my favourite sites). I also check in with myself to see how I am doing and then if the information is resonating. This helps me piece together a sense of calm and acceptance over the whirlwind that is my body and mind.

This moon is really making me uneasy. Anxiety seems to be ruling me, like I'm waiting for something and I neither know how or when it will strike so I'm in a constant state of hyper awareness.

How do I combat this? Breathing techniques help, so does wine (drink responsibly and in moderation and not to avoid or cope!) so does making sure I am slow and steady rather than scampering from one thing to another like an off my face mouse on crack.

I also try and disconnect each night really early, choosing to sit and read instead of watching television or engaging in social media. I find this is very important, choosing to invest my time and energy in something that feeds my soul (chatting with friends either online or in person or stretching my grey matter). The other interesting quirk I've noticed in the lead up to this celestial event is the tightening of my physical body. This last few weeks especially I've noticed a tightness through my entire being, like all of my cells and tissue is on edge, waiting in anticipation for something.

Gentle stretching and yoga are helping but I wouldn't be surprised if this remains until after the full moon. Perhaps you are feeling it too? Intuitively I believe our bodies are changing on a cellular level, that this change we are experience and awakening is not just spiritual, emotional, and mental. There is much written on esoteric and metaphysical sites around the web talking about crystalline bodies and changes to the DNA structure and the activation of the last strand of our DNA - take from that what you will, for me it makes sense that with such large energetic shifts there would be physical ramifications.

At the moment I seem to be unfocussed and struggling with motivation, it feels very much like an energetic quagmire and I'm wading my way through the thickest part. What we all need to remember is to take it easy and gracefully; and when we are neither easy nor graceful, when we are a complete howling, yelling, crying, hysterical, unhinged glorious mess, we need to remember that it's okay. It is very much okay for us to express this aspect of ourselves in whatever way feel true and right in that moment. Whatever way feels true and right in that moment.

Obviously I am not condoning the breaking of laws and dangerous behaviour, what I am advocating and fully supporting is authentic expression and I believe that's what this full moon is all about.

Breaking down the facade. Finding the truth. Being real. Getting comfortable in the uncomfortableness and speaking up when we disagree or witness untruth and control.

Some of the articles I've read speak of rebirth under this new moon. I don't feel that. I feel like this is a breaking point. Where we crack the matrix, the safety glass, where we fracture and break through the controls society have in place. It feels very Orwellian to me; 1984 in 2018. Fritz Lang's Metropolis and The Matrix come to life.

There is a lot of talk about New Earth and a new paradigm and in order to get there we have a tonne of work to do. This full moon feels like the first catalyst of that work, where those who are choosing to remain asleep will have their world rocked and those who have awoken and are doing the work will be catapulted into their next phase. Like a quickening, energy will rush in and our job is to help facilitate its safe passage and to move through us with as much ease as possible. How am I preparing to ease through this massive wave? I've realised over time that ease is not dainty or pretty, it can be wild and unkempt, pure passion and expression. Ease is honest. Pure honesty in fact.

Like with everything we cannot manage how people receive our honest expression but we can make sure it is delivered consciously, with love and respect. This form of ease allows us to move things through us rather than fighting it. It's when we fight things that it tends to get ugly so whatever comes up for me I allow it, I ask it questions, I ponder and do what intuitively I feel I must to help it move on. And when it wants expression I find the most responsible and appropriate way for that to happen. If it's loud then so be it. Soft then I find a gentle place. Fragile and I give it compassion. Tender, I give it love. I find this eased expression is the simplest way to move things on, to navigate tumultuous times, and I even hide under a desk with a quilt if necessary. However you are feeling in this lead up and throughout this Full Moon know give it fair and easy expression without judgement or restriction and this full moon will help to move you to where you need to be.

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