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Irregularities, what can they teach us?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

In our Red Tent community, I've had many women speak up about their hormonal abnormalities and changes since the Full Moon on January 2nd. It seems that many are having quite the time (myself included) when it comes to adjusting to this lunar cycle. Now, let me clarify: Never have I had a regular cycle and it is still something I'm trying to correct. I am by no means an expert on menstrual health or symptoms but I've spent much of my life trying to unravel my own and I've picked up a few things along the way, particularly the names of some practitioners that are blazing trails in this arena of health (because, let's be honest, women's menstrual health has not been a priority in western medicine, it has always been, "here, take this pill and we won't talk about it"). So, if you wish to do your own research - which I always highly recommend - at the end of this post will be a reference section with names and links.

Now, what is happening?

Oh, 2018. Everyone entered into you with hope and dreams, as is always the case, only for you to throw an 11/2 year at us, a Super Full Moon and some very intense energies. Leading up to all of this I sat and read, paying attention to what we could be heading into, intuitively figuring that whatever this year held it was going to be BIG.

I feel like, combined with Sagittarius which is all about working with our knowledge, this new year energy has pushed buttons that otherwise have sat dormant. 2017 felt like we worked mostly on our higher chakras, our crown and third eye got a work out and so did our throat, so much so that it was to the detriment of our lower chakras which I feel became somewhat neglected, particularly our sacral and base. Our heart chakra is considered our "bridge" point, where the aspects of physical/3D life which are managed by our lower chakras merge with our higher ones that manage our connection with higher self, Spirit and the Universe. It is in our hearts that we find and maintain balance. As much as last year was focussed on our hearts and the love we provide to the world and self, it was not focussed on balancing all the aspects of our lives. As 2018 hit and the 11/2 energy rolled in like a wave (did you feel it?) it forced us to evaluate where in our lives we were not balanced. 11/2 is the most spiritual of numbers and if we have strayed from our authentic self, or have recently opened up then all of that is going to be heightened and on display this year. 2018 is about walking YOUR path.

The Super Full Moon - meaning that the moon was at her closest approach to Earth for this lunar rotation which coincided with her being at her fullest - sat in Cancer. Cancer is a sign that is ruled by the Moon and is all about emotions and our emotional state; consider this like a quadruple-whammy: Moon already amplified because she's close, Moon in her element aka a sign she rules, Cancer amplified because it held its ruling planet, Cancer is about emotions. Basically when you consider this there's no doubt why everything is screwed up. This all leads to where women hold their emotions. For males it is in their base chakra (have you noticed any of the males in your life acting a little more assertive/aggressive/trantrummy over the past few weeks? Men will have their sense of security and masculinity challenged under all of this) and for women we hold our emotions in our sacral chakra - our womb space. Now this isn't just a physical thing, it's an energetic vessel as well so even those ladies that have entered into menopause or have had a hysterectomy will still have a womb space. When we bleed and cycle, regardless of how tuned in we are, we receive more than just a physical clear out. It is energetic and emotional too. Psychically we become the most open and receptive to guidance and intuition than we do at any other time, and Cancer will and did play with this. The only way this could have been worse is if we were in Pisces! It was designed to challenge and make us drop our bundles. It will happen a lot in 2018 - it needs to. For those that experienced ovarian pain or uterine pain, to me it means there is a deep seated emotional hurt surrounding femininity and being female. A good question to ask is, "how do I honestly feel about my female life?" This will give you indicators as to where your healing journey needs to head. If you suffered with a particularly heavy bleed or lots of bleeding pain then I would suggest it is a good emotional clear out that is required. Ask yourself, "what emotions do I hold that I feel I cannot express?" You may find that a particular ritualised expression is needed and this will have a positive shift for you. What do I mean by a ritualistic expression? Finding a secluded cliff and shouting out to the wind exactly what you wish to express. Writing a letter of everything that shits you and burning it. Sit in a running creek or under a waterfall and speaking to the water everything that needs to be released as it washes over you. These are the types of Earth bound rituals that will have the most impact this year. We need to focus on merging the esoteric with the pagan (pagan means Earth bound, it is NOT a demonic term or an anti-Christian one). For those whose cycles have either lengthened or shortened I feel this is indicative of what is going on in your life. If it has lengthened, are you acting more from a masculine perspective and forgetting your feminine aspect? For those that have shortened it could be one of 2 things: Are you forgetting to integrate your feminine aspects? Are you holding on to your emotions and supressing their expression? Again, checking in with yourself and asking your own unconscious self will give you the guidance on where you need to heal.

I would love to say that 2018 is going to be an easier year than last year, but alas, this is never the case because we always get exactly what we need and what we are strong enough to handle. I can see that it is going to be a cracker of a year and hold a crap-load of potential - we just need to tap into it! I hope this gives you some ideas of where to head and another perspective on why your body might be screaming at you right now. References: Please note this is not an exhaustive list Alisa Vitti, WomanCode, 2013 Founder of FloLiving Claire Baker, This Is Lifeblood, Adore Your Cycle eBook 2016 Lisa Lister, Code Red, 2017, SassyShe Lisa Lister, Love Your Lady Landscape, 2016 Jane Hardwicke Collings, Moonsong

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