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Lessons of a Dog Harassment Case

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Mercury retrogrades have a habit of showing up things that are long overdue issues and as we finish up the first week of the first full retrograde of 2017, Mercury is setting down lessons left, right, and straight in front of me.

Actually, they're bounding and yapping up my driveway.

We've had issues with some local dogs for a little while now. They bark incessantly, they escape their fencing, they round us up while we are in our own front yard, and the owners, whom I'm sure a delightful people to everyone else, don't seem to understand that a yapping, running, jumping, UNFAMILIAR dog is a scary thing to a 4 year old (and even some adults)!

We've reported the dogs escaping from their fence before. We've reported the incessant barking before, heck, we've even reported the dogs' harassment before and now, for the fourth time, I've had enough and I'm making a statement. It will most likely result in a hefty fine from the council and you know what? So be it.

It won't improve relationships between the 2 houses. So be it.

It will probably cause the owners to hold resentment towards me. So be it.

It might make them vindictive once we get our new pup and cause us to be more mindful/watchful of our own dog - not a bad thing - and so be it.

So be it; all of it. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Why it's taken me until harassment number four to seek a correction and rebalancing to the situation is anyone's guess. What I do know is that this is the perfect time for it to happen. With Mercury doing his little backward jaunt and a full moon in Libra which is all about taking action to rebalance and find an equilibrium the Universe is clearly showing me where I need to act - in a manner that I can no longer avoid - and I am showing up to do what I need to do to keep myself and my family safe.

I see this as an analogy for my life at the moment: These dogs and their owners are partaking in an action that is detrimental and even dangerous. I have permitted this behaviour feeling like to do anything else would inconvenience the owners and create neighbourly tension. On the occasions I have acted I have done so out of sheer frustration and anger only to then wonder if I've actually done the right thing. The way we allow others to treat us is how we ultimately value ourselves. I have allowed these dogs to intimidate and charge at us, acting to protect only when I feel threatened instead of setting a firm non-negotiable boundary through discerning action.

Is this how I am viewing myself at this point in my life? That I hide my true needs and maintain lax or non existent boundaries for fear of creating tension with the world around me? Do I inadvertently allow the world to engulf me, push and pull me as it chooses, sending me reeling and rocking through life with nary a life raft in sight? Do I bend over backwards like young supple bamboo rather than standing tall and flexing with the wisdom of age like the older sturdy bamboo alongside?

Mercury always bring to a head some interesting moments and while unpleasant this latest tête-à-tête with these furry K9s proved to me that setting boundaries is necessary and it is okay to say enough is enough, sometimes in a way that does not win friends or influence people, and also to remind me that if I allow others to treat me badly, how do I regard myself.

This incident has taught me that I no longer want to be the woman who allows the world to walk over her. I want to be the woman who stands tall, with wisdom, remains flexible but says, "enough is enough".


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