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Let's Discuss: Energetic Integrity

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

As we come closer to the partial lunar eclipse (due to peak at 7am on July 17th for those in South Australia) we are being prodded to stand in the integrity of our own energy.

You may have heard about a 5D shift or New Earth codes currently flooding our consciousness and planet - basically these codes and energies are forcing us to be more truthful, in all facets of our lives. The biggest challenge that people will feel and I am seeing around me, is energetic integrity.

What is it, though? To me it is moving beyond responsibility and into a consistent state of being. Responsibility is defined as the state or fact of being accountable and a moral obligation to behave correctly towards or in respect of someone or something. Whereas integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and the state of being whole and undivided. Being in integrity is progressive, it shows that we are more than merely aware of our responsibility, we are living it daily, moment to moment, consistently existing in this new way. Integrity and integration feel like they go hand in hand.

I've written about emotional responsibility previously, where we do not have the right to diffuse our own uncomfortable feelings by projecting harmfully onto others. Part of our responsibility is to find appropriate ways in which to channel this. Integrity is the next step.

Whether we have actively cultivated responsibility over the past 12 months or not, we are being pushed to step into a state of integrity. We don't have the luxury of hiding under the covers any longer. The sand has been blown away from those with their heads firmly affixed in denial. Even if we don't like it we are being made uncomfortable so we can shift into this higher vibration and adopt the new paradigm; coming ready or not.

We have 6 planets in retrograde and a partial lunar eclipse on the tail of a total solar eclipse - shit got real and I am seeing people implode. I am seeing old patterns and beliefs that need to shift, truth visible where rosy tints were worn. We are seeing people for who they are not who they wish to be.

How do we define energetic integrity? When we talk about energy in metaphysical terms, we are referring to the influence one thing has on another by being in close proximity; the felt or sensed relationship that exists beyond matter. Energy plays an important role in our lives as we come to realise that we are more than our physical bodies. I speak often about the importance of shadow work and how it plays into development on a soul level. It is not easy work nor is it supposed to be because it breaks down all the resistance we hold that stops us accepting what is. When we reach a stage where we realise there is more to our world and existence than physicality and that we cannot change things until we accept what is, we have started on the path towards energetic integrity. More gets shown to us from the energetic world and its impact on our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and life. We've learned to accepting that energy influences us at a core level.

Currently, we are being forced to see, show, and know the shadow parts of ourselves with such intimacy that it scares us. This season is showing us where we fall short and our role right now is to work at admitting it, integrating, and accepting to change the behaviours that are outdated.

We've been called to take responsibility, to find positive outlets of expression for our uncomfortableness and overwhelming emotions, we have had the lessons of self care and boundaries time and again. Sitting in the lunar cycle of cancer with the cyclone of energy currently buffeting us, we are receiving the lessons of over-giving and over-nurturing. And on a global and environmental scale we are being taught the art of responding rather than reacting. Buttons have been pushed. Triggers revealed. We are encouraged to consistently live higher.

This is energetic integrity. Committing to change for the better. Seeing ourselves as we really are so that we hold ourselves and our truth highly, that we hold ourselves and those around us to honesty in all our actions, choices, and beliefs and that we do this day in, day out. At all times.

Many women have been midwifing themselves through these changes for a little while now and we have the opportunity to hold space for others to realise their own shadow so that they may come to a place of integrity and wholeness, rather than society accepting emotional irresponsibility and buying into the projected blame.

This is what living from a 5D paradigm is about. This is what this eclipse season wants us to see - that when we appreciate all aspects of ourselves, even those we do not like or wants to acknowledge, the need for validation, projection, the complexity of a blame game is no longer necessary.

As I see it there is a process to being in energetic integrity: Emotional responsibility; energetic responsibility; self-care and boundaries; responding; and shadow work. By focusing on these 5 areas we come to a state of unity in and of ourselves. We live as our own Queen | King.

Please note that this process is not nice, nor neat, nor linear. It is a messy, chaotic, confusing, spiral that travels upward and downward, sometimes at the same time. It will have you feeling on top of the world one moment and sobbing on the floor the next.

Learning to live within this is part of the journey as is learning to accept it as part of the cycle of death and rebirth.

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