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An unusual eventuation with a message for us all

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Ahh, full moon. The brightness. The illumination. The vigor that you bring to our lives...

Every full moon I sit myself down to host a Facebook Live event called Consulting the Oracle. I have a lot of oracle card decks (an explanation for another time) and most seem to want to chat and help others so in the lead up to full moon I ask which of them wishes to speak to the group - usually about 4, sometimes 5, scream at me with a big "YES!"

Consulting the Oracle isn't your usual Facebook oracle card reading because I do not interpret the card that comes out for the person. I show it, photograph it and ask that you connect with the imagery to discern your own meaning. Yeah, I add the guidebook info a few days later but what you get will always be far more valuable than what the author wrote. Consulting the Oracle is designed to have you practising your intuition and intuitive gifts.

A few guides and guardians pop in, a Goddess or three, all to help influence the cards so that the right message gets to the right person. That's how it usually rolls.

Last night saw a new moment. "A card needs to be selected for the collective. This is a confirmation card for everyone" was my instruction. Since I'm not one to argue (much. Although I know he would disagree!) with my most trusted Guide, I used the deck he instructed and I pulled a card. Before me was the most glorious array of colours and a true sense of Utopia and peace. An image of a place I longed to be.

Immediately I was flooded with the following message: "This card is not about a desire to flee from life, it is a call to retreat from the drama of your world. Focus on the light you wish to bring. Create the world of your desires for it is then that you will live freely and with compassion for one another. Your world is frequently turned upside down, do not let it frighten you. Your tranquility awaits if only you remember to reach for it." It is a reminder that where our thoughts go, our energy flows. It is returning to a Garden of Eden: Safe, protected, respected, cherished, and above all, loved, in all aspects and ways.

This card undoubtedly makes me happy, it makes my soul sing and smile. This is the message for us all.

What do you draw from it? What does it sing sweetly to you?

I'd love to know your thoughts...

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