• Kate

More Than Circle

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I have a secret - would you like to know?

You've got to make a promise though, before I tell you...

Do you promise to tell everyone? Share the news far and wide?

See, The Gateway Adelaide is far more than it appears. On the outside it seems innocent and innocuous with new moon circles as a support group for women.

But the truth? Oh, the truth is far greater than that.

We often judge books and people, or in this case businesses, by their frontage and what seems innocent and small, in actuality, isn't.

The Gateway Adelaide is a portal. Yes, a gateway but more than that. It is a space. A place. An entry point. A way showing.

Secretly and quietly it is a revolution and is part of a greater movement circling with determination through the entire globe.

It is rooted in wakefulness, awareness, and accountability accompanied with a big dash of ritual and ceremony. But it's more than that.

It is a healer and her magick. A Witch but not as you know her.

This Healer Witch.

A weaver and a way shower walking her path, learning and sharing as she goes. A meeting of hearts, minds, and souls as a hand is held out in support and where possible, assistance.

It is Reiki but not as it is known. It is counselling but not talk therapy. It is initiation into life stages offered as ceremony, celebration, and self awareness.

Are you curious?

This Witch's toolkit is large, often surprising me, as I am is still learning its depths.

Slowly and quietly this Gateway has opened and a few have walked through. I started with hesitance, resistance even, but as that has been worn away I stand, mostly sit, quietly waiting for those that seek to find - all in the right time.

Now as shifts, changes and new paradigms rise so does my desire to help and show.

Will you walk through and seek me out?

0405 131 250

PO Box 119 Highbury SA 5089

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