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New Reiki and a book review

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Every year I set take part in the Goodreads reading challenge. This year I've set my goal to 12 books - this is book 1...

New Reiki Software for Divine Living: An energetic embodiment of Divine Grace, Brett Bevell, Anyi Books, 2013

125 pages

ISBN: 9781782790044

Available through Book Depository, Kindle, and the SA Library Services.


Reiki is more than a ritualistic, traditional attunement and evolves like our world as Reiki IS our world. The author, Brett Bevell, introduces us to a "new way" to view and use Reiki, offering up a distance attunement to a crystalline form of Reiki that connects you to the Divine consciousness of all.


The author presents a new view on Reiki which challenges the traditional notion and limitations we as channels impose on the healing art in a way that still respects and preserves the sanctity and sacredness of Reiki. At no stage can Bevell be accused of disrespecting the spiritual practice of Reiki nor the integrity of it. He often writes from a very respectful perspective of the traditions and offers a "user friendly" version for modern life.

Having been attuned traditionally (in person) to all three levels on separate occasions (as in not all at the same time or as an intensive), I am familiar with how an attunement feels for me. I'm also quite sensitive to energy generally, so I am able to discern if it's working for me. (Please note: Everyone experiences energy differently - this is my personal perspective, yours may be different.) Early on in the book, Bevell offers a distance attunement to Mikao Usui's Reiki Crystal of Awakening and I have to tell you - it is ridiculously powerful - as powerful as any hands on attunement I've received!

The remainder of the book is a series of lessons on how to use and interact with the crystal. Bevell introduces me to concepts such as Reiki affirmations and Reiki psalms, both of which were new to me.

One aspect that I found really refreshing was the last chapter called "Reiki Holograms, Reiki Magical Devices, and Other Sacred Games". In it, Bevell encourages the reader to play with Reiki and the crystal. I particularly enjoyed the activities as it totally revolutionised how Reiki should be regarded. This really resonated with me as I've always felt Reiki can, and should, be used in ways for beyond standard healing (I'm in the process of reading Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions which will explain more). He writes how important play is for creative expression of the Divine and to make sure we don't become stuffy.

Learning how to create Reiki holograms is a lot of fun and I can see this really extending the purpose and ways Reiki is used.

Ultimately, whether you are already attuned or wanting to experience Reiki, simply and easily, Brett Bevell provides you with an opportunity to explore another side to a Divine consciousness that makes it accessible, realistic, and practical for our lives and times.

Brett Bevell is a 20 years devotee to the Reiki way of life, an author of numerous books and publications, he works as a Reiki Master at Omega in the USA. His website can be found here.


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