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Post Full Moon - what now?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

It seems there are a prolific number of posts and blogs about the lead up to every full moon - what's the energy signature, what are we in for, what influence will it have on our lives, how will we cope?!

We get our fill of information and feel like we are ready to face it then BAM it hits, worlds collide, life is rocked, we go into a tail spin; twisting, turning, topsy turvy. Chaos. Illumination. Insight.


Stillness as it passes and the tsunami subsides.

Often post full moon I find myself in a situation that feels similar to being adrift on the ocean. My life raft is looking a little tattered. I'm feeling weather beaten and worn but alive and intact for the most part but I'm left feeling, "what now?"

Like with a lot of things in life, society and people in general are often great at concentrating on the before and during but forget there are 3 aspects - the after.

So we've done the preparation and know what we are in for, we've endured the storm and gained clarity but what now? What happens post-full moon? Regardless of what full moon we are moving through, whether it be eclipse season, a season moon, or a particular sign, the full moon is about gaining clarity, seeing a path forward, and releasing and that means we have things to "clean up" and work to do.

Let me tell you a truth: When you dive into sacred women's work it will eventually take you deep. When you start working with the moon you will ebb and flow but in order to do that you have to be willing to put in the effort and do the work.

This isn't the type of stuff that you can play with. You can start out dipping your toe, sure. You can dabble and gather, and socialise but eventually, if you are casting circles, following rituals, and communing with Goddesses shit is gonna get real.

As we move through the lunar cycle we begin at new moon by seeding our desires and beginning our releasing of what no longer serves us. As we move through the light of the moon helps us to "see" the steps we need to take on the path to fully reach our potential, goals, and even learn the lessons to get us to a place where we can fully integrate at full moon.

Our job after full moon is to do the follow up, tidy up loose end, finalise and follow the path that has been shown to us with the clarity we have gained. Full moon is a time to celebrate what we've learned. It's a time to dance in the ah-ha moment. Once it's passed we hunker down and finish things off.

Think about it - do you leave projects halfway done? Maybe you do and your lesson is to close the loop. Either way now that the path ahead is lit with torches, walk it. Follow it through. Finish it off and appreciate all that is being shown to you.

How? You may well be asking. That depends on what it is you have to do. A good way to begin is to check in with these questions:

What clarity have I gained?

What is my desired outcome?

What have I been shown I need to do?

What is my next step?

By journaling around these, or even sitting and pondering them over a cup of tea (a suitable herbal tea for mental clarity would be a great option) we gain a sense of confidence and guidance in where we must next tread.

Also, it is important to recognise that lessons don't finish perfectly with a lunar cycle. It is entirely possible that you've opened a can of worms (in a good way!) and need to clear out some cobwebs (outdated beliefs, stagnant energy, heal some hurts) before the lesson is completed fully and this can take time - often more than one lunar cycle. The task at hand is not to focus on the outcome, if you follow through that will be inevitable. The task is to show up, to do the work, to walk the path and keep walking it, even if you have to rest a little along the way.

If it helps, think of the lunar cycle like a bell curve; as the moon's light grows from dark to full illumination so too does our way forward. We start at new moon with an intention or an idea, as the moon waxes to full she sheds light along our path, showing us the way. We reach the full moon and the lessons around our idea or intention are in full swing, we are fierce, and ready, we have reached the top of the mountain and can see into the distance. We then start to plot the way down, we see the path, we know what we must do and so we gear up to start the last leg to our desired outcome. As we climb back down the other side we come to checkpoints, moments where we can see the pay off and tick our boxes, just like harvest season. As the light of the moon dims so too does our energy and we prepare to review our journey thus far so we can seed our next idea or look to the next stage of the plan.

It is important to remember that the full moon is not the stopping point, it is the pinnacle of the journey and we need to refocus so we can travel back down the other side carrying with us our new found wisdom and insights. This way we are gaining the most from the full cycle.

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