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Riding a Wild Donkey

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

"What?!" I hear you read, stay with me for I'm feeling inspired...

A cherished friend and I were talking about the "plans" we have and the "things" we want to do, you know, the list of creative stuff you've got stored within you that some days is bursting to get out, and we both started with the but, but, buts.

But there's not enough money. But we have families to attend to. But we have businesses to run. But we are busy mums, don't you know, Universe! And of course the famous line came out, but we don't have time.

I think I surprised her with my response which went something like this, "No, I disagree. Up until yesterday I would have agreed with you but then I read Leonie Dawson's Ride Ze Wild Donkeys."

Looking at me as though I had gone completely mad, she waited for me to explain. Lean in, this is the important bit...

Ideas wander into our paddock as donkeys and it is our duty to ride that wild donkey until that thing is done, out there, set free to the world. And that is creativity. It can be messy, it can be cumbersome. It can be totally unpolished. Our job is to help set it free and share the shit out of it.

Elizabeth Gilbert in her book, Big Magic, also examines this wonderful thing called Creativity.

And you know what? I'm ovulating (possibly too much info right there but we are all sisters here) and it's New Moon in Sagittarius which is all about expansive HUGE impossible ideas and plans with optimism plus dripping from our bodies as we gaze at these plans with rose coloured glasses. And this moon is a big'un.

I feel it. My whole body is abuzz with ideas, my mind whirling and I am wired! (You can possibly tell from the tone of my post.) Usually at New Moon I am bedridden, either dreaming to be or actually, and so very over humanity, society, people, and just about ready to tear strips off anyone who dares to come near. This one I'm all, Come at me, Sagittarius, and bring your wild donkeys!

Some might say eagerness, some might say hysteria, meh either way I'm good. And ready. Oh so ready!

Now is the perfect time to be harnessing that inner fire (Sagittarius is a fire sign) and stoking the shit out of it. Like, really, working that furnace and dreaming up whatever makes your soul sing. Write it down, plan it out, write how it makes you feel. Ruminate on how you want to feel in 2017 and ride that donkey.

I don't know how that makes you feel but I'm off to do some mega planning because I'm truly digging this Sag fire.

I'll meet you in the sunset riding your wild donkey home - yeehaw.

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