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Something's Gotta Give

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

"I've been sitting on the fence for way too long

warming that bench as chance moves on

and believe me, that ain't no way to live.

And this barely gettin' by is really gettin' old

And it's hard to turn a wrench on a rusty bolt.

But someday, something's gotta give."

Christian Kane

I don't usually go in for country music, it seems to get a bad wrap but every now and then lyrics speak to us in whatever format they come. This song was no different.

I happened across this guy's name from a TV show, and immediately became curious so off I went a-googlin'. Turns out he's quite an interesting fellow: Actor, songwriter, and singer. I found his album and decided that I don't "do" country music before I even listened to it. Honestly, the thought of listening to it made me cringe even though I was brought up with an eclectic exposure to music from classical to country to rock and metal.

The album kept callling to me. Every day I'd open up my music app, type in his name and hover over play.

I got brave. I put aside my preconceptions and prejudice.

I listened.

Then I heard it - the line that I was obviously meant to hear:

It's hard to turn a wrench on a rusty bolt.

Sigh. A deep soulful, knowing bloody sigh.

Oh Universe, you sneaky thing you.

As we come to finish the universal 9 year of 2016 and embrace the new 2017 and a new cycle we indeed do need to stop sitting on the fence and we have to stop trying to turn a wrench on a rusty bolt, especially if we want to grab the new year by the balls.

So as we enter the last week of the year, what rusty bolts can you remove?

Can you get off the fence? Are you ready to stop barely getting by?

Is this your someday that something's gotta give?

Here's to a new brave, fearless year where rusty bolts are no match for us.

P.S. If you're interested you can find the song here.

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