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Taurus Full Moon Ceremony

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

This has been pestering me all day. Write a ceremony. It's important. Sit and write it.

So, finally I sit and I write. I don't know from whom this comes but it is here and I offer it to you if you feel so called. I feel like this is important at the moment given the amount of realisations and growth we are doing and have done thus far with Venus dancing in retrograde through our skies and the other intense energies swirling around us with Taurus' full moon. Please use this as an opportunity to release and renew so we can welcome in the new paradigms we are currently integrating for the collective and ourselves.

It is not imperative to have all the things, make do, use what is available, the most important thing is to work the ceremony where and when you can.

NOTE: If you live in an area with a fire ban in place or it is a total fire ban day see the bottom of this ceremony for a suitable substitute.

As we are going to be burning we need to do this outside, best done under the light of the full moon - remember there is a 3 day window to harness and work with the energy of the full moon.

Ideally you will need

5 tea light candles

A glass

A feather

A butter knife or athame

3 small dishes | bowls

1/4 cup of purified water (non fluoridated is preferred)

3 small stones | pebbles | some shells

1 flower

1 handful of sand | clean earth

4 candle plates | votif glasses or similar

A compass or compass app on your phone

A pen and small pieces of paper

A cauldron | pot | vessel suitable for burning the paper

An oracle card deck

Journal | Red Tent Diary

Kindling with firelighters or another small candle

Matches | lighter


  • Using the compass or app find the 4 compass points

  • Lay out the ritual tools for the 4 directions as follows:

  • East (Air) - feather + athame | butter knife

  • North (Fire) - glass containing one of the tea light candles

  • West (Water) - small dish containing the purified water + shells | pebbles

  • South (Earth) - flower + sand | clean earth

  • In between each of the 4 directions place a candle plate | votif glass containing a tea light candle

  • Make sure your circle is big enough for you to comfortably sit and work in with the paper, pen, cauldron, oracle cards and journal

  • Cast your circle in an anti-clockwise direction (walking it 3 times with positive words like protection, safety, sacredness, love etc)

  • Light the candles between each of the directions

  • Call in Guardians of the Directions and open the gates (if you have never cast a circle before please refer to the post: Working with the Elements)

  • Call in your guides and guardians to hold space for you while you work


  • You may wish to start with a prayer | song | poem that speaks to you and feel suitable for this night.

You may wish to recite the "She Let Go" poem for example. Playing music is also a lovely way to open your ceremony or drumming (you don't need to have an actual drum to do this - a cardboard box will suffice).

  • Start with a blessing and gratitude

Generally I call on Mother Goddess and ask for her blessing in whatever intuitive way feels right for me. The words are not so much important when we speak from our soul.

Gratitude is a quick and easy way to sink into our heart space, it opens us up to the beauty that surrounds us, even in challenging times.

  • Call on Grandmother Moon

Ask her to help you release what no longer serves you at this time.

  • Connect in with your heart

To do this, place both hands over your heart and take a few deep breaths. Allow your awareness to sink downwards into your chest and your mind to relax.

When you are ready ask yourself, "what do I need to release under the full moon of Taurus to unburden my soul tonight."

  • Write notes to the Moon

Using the slips of paper and the pen write short notes to Grandmother Moon of what you wish to release (hint: remember to add words like gently, easily, and peacefully to make the transition lighter and easier)

  • Burn to release

With the intention to transmute the old to the cosmos place the candle or the kindling and firelighter in the vessel you will use for the burning ritual, light the candle or small fire and as you do you may wish to say: "Grandmother Moon I release to you all that does not serve me. With grace, humility, ease and gentleness I let go of what is not for my highest good and what no longer serves me.

I ask for you blessings now and always as I humbly walk my path under your guiding light."

As you burn each piece of paper take a moment to really feel it being lifted from you, visualise | see | feel the Moon's energy clearing away the dross and notice the lightness and newness as the smoke rises.

  • Oracle card draw

As the smoke rises turn to your oracle cards and ask Grandmother Luna to guide you to receive a card that will best help you integrate these changes into your life for your highest good. Shuffle your deck and when you feel it is time, select a card. If one jumps out at you, receive it with honour and reverence. Spend some time journaling any feelings, thoughts, or words that come to you as you gaze at the card. Resist heading straight for the guidebook (or using it at all) because YOU will now exactly what this card means.

  • Close the Circle

When you feel you are ready to close the circle stand and thank Grandmother Moon, The Guardians of the Gates, your guides and guardians and the unseen friends for holding the circle safe and open for you. Remember to thank yourself for the work you have done tonight to help bring change for the collective.

If you used a candle to burn, blow it out now.

If you had a kindling fire, as you close the South Gate pour the sand | soil into the vessel used to burn the paper and as you close the West gate, pour the water into the vessel (this ensures the fire is out and safe).

  • Finishing

Find a place in your garden or a pot plant and bury | scatter the ashes and place the pebbles | stones | shells there too along with the flower, thank Mother Earth for her bounty and beauty as you do so.

Gather up the candles, plates, bowls, and ritual items and you finish up your ceremony.

Adaptation for Fire Ban or Restrictions

Instead of lighting candles in an outdoor area you may wish to invest in small electronic tea light candles, they are relatively inexpensive and available from most 2-dollar shops. Alternatively, a string of fairy lights in a circle works or you can forgo lighting entirely and rely solely on the illumination of the moon.

For the releasing ritual instead of burning the paper you may wish to dig a small hole or prepare a pot plant pot with a small amount of soil so the papers can be buried. As you back-fill the hole or fill the remainder of the pot with soil, you can visualise the moon receiving and cleansing you as you work. If using a pot you may wish to add some seeds so that as the plant grows the energy is transmuted into something new and vigorous. When you end the ceremony you may want to decorate the area or pot plant with the natural items used in the ceremony in honour of the work done.

You may wish to do something entirely intuitive like an interpretative dance, chanting, or drumming to release, you do not have to write it at all for you may wish to sing or speak it to Luna instead.

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