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Tea is for Tough days

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

I've always drunk tea, from when I was a small child I have memories of my bunny cup and sitting with my grandma. The sound of the kettle whistling, teaspoons chinking the cup as it stirred. Never tapping the spoon on the rim though, heaven forbid! Placing the spoon correctly on the saucer and do not dip a wet spoon in the sugar for she would be aghast. Over the years I've drunk coffee and now choose chicory as my go-to need a hot drink; but tea, it's always a coming home. On a cold winter's day there is nothing more soothing and comforting than a hot cup of tea. Today was not an easy day and resulted in me retreating to bed and quite literally, pulling the quilt over my head as I cried and begged to go home. I don't know what was cosmically out of whack today, honestly I don't care, for me, it was one of those tough days. After a damn good cry and an exhausted sleep (you know the one, where you've cried your heart and soul out and are a physical wreck because of it) I picked myself up and cleaned my kitchen (as you do after a mini breakdown). As I finished up I found myself on autopilot, filling the kettle, adding a tea bag to my glass flask along with assorted spices to make Shakti tea. Before I really consciously recognised what I was doing the tea was made, steeping, and talking enticingly of a comfy chair and a book. The little girl inside my mind still regards tea as a wondrous thing, full of love, magic, and memories. It's also something we include in circle as an offering of love and comfort - "come in for a tea, dear, you look tired and weary" says the old crone to us all. Today, although tough, is almost over as I write this. Tomorrow, I have the great pleasure of seeing two close friends, one is the Queen of Tea. It will be a day to sit, plan, concoct and eat far too much chocolate, all over pots of delicious tea.

Do you have a ritual that soothes your soul and has cherished memories attached? Or perhaps you drink tea and find it equally as comforting?

I'd love to hear from you.

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