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The Daily Struggle with Trust

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

"Your ego is intimidated and wants to run away from the challenge at hand... It's okay to be afraid just as long as you don't allow your fear to stop you from living the truth of your Spirit. Simply admit that you're scared. This emotion is normal. The human condition is always fearful. It is the divine part of you that is fearless."

The Answer is Simple guidebook "Be Courageous", Sonia Choquette

Daily life is a constant battle between the ego and the Spirit. Fear versus courage, light versus shadows. It is nothing dire, nor do I wish to experience it that way, just an awakening, a journey, a trust, and a new state of being.

It's like standing at a rickety bridge wearing a safety harness. You know the first step is the hardest, you know the harness has your back. You've been assured and believe the bridge will hold your weight, and hell, you've even seen others make it across yet here you are. Primed and ready.


For what? A push, a shove, an earthquake to rock your world so that you'll be forced to take a step?

Standing on solid ground is your ego saying: It's too risky, you'll fall, why take the risk? Is it worth it? It's fine just here...

Across the bridge is your Spirit, shining brightly, saying: I love you, you can do this, believe in us and our combined divinity. Trust that I won't lead you astray. The Universe will catch you...

You sorely want to believe in Spirit and want to walk the bridge and you just wish you could take that first step!

How long is the bridge, you wonder. Each of those planks is an example of your "stuff". Issues, beliefs, limitations, programming, memories, traumas. Lessons. So many lessons. How long is that damn bridge? As long as it needs to be for you to reach yourself. Fully integrated. Whole. Complete.


Take the step, Spirit beckons. I have and I'm making my way. It'll scare your pants off while giving you the most exhilarating ride beyond your wildest dreams.

Come on, come join me; what are you waiting for?

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