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Winter Solstice: A time for tea

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Winter Solstice for 2019 is 10 days away. It is the day with the shortest number of daylight hours in a twenty four hour period. It is a day to slow down, rest, drink tea, grab your coloured pens and a big sheet (or three) of paper and plan, plan, plan.

We talk and hear about seasonal gateways, days of importance like the 5th of the 5th and the 6th of the 6th etc but what do they actually mean? Certain seasonal dates and duplicate numbers have particular energies associated with them - you don't actually need me to tell you all about them because the Internet is a wonderful thing and you can delve into those rabbit holes without me; instead I want to share what they mean to me and how I use them to give you a bit of insight into how I live and move with these seasonal tides.

Please bear in mind that I don't always do rituals and altars, sometimes 3D life has other ideas and I honour them more as a head nod or a passing, "thank you Sun | Moon | Earth | Trees | Sky for providing this safe haven and life for us" as I go about my business. Other times I will actually commit to working more in depth with the day and the elements. It can be hard enough to manage everything required of us and balance that with everything we want to do so I try to be gentle on myself and do what feels right for me (and I try really hard not to beat myself up if I don't get it perfectly how I wanted it: Forgiveness and all that).

Some weeks ago I committed to no longer playing small so I have some ends of bargains to hold up, in order to do this I need to sit down and get serious about what it is I want to achieve, where I want to go, and plan out how I'm going to get there.

Winter Solstice is ultimately about our darkest hour, when we are feeling most lost or "in the dark" with seemingly no path in front of us. When I was sitting in my Rites of Passage training with Tanishka last year, listening to her talk about the importance of this gateway I was struck with the image of a myself walking through a tunnel with no visible light, running my hand along the rough rocks as a guide as I slowly and tentatively kept moving forward. To this day, whenever I think of Winter Solstice I see this image. It is important to note that this version of me was not standing still. I did not stop and I was not waiting for someone to save me, I wasn't waiting for a torch or someone to call to me either. I also knew I was not alone, I wasn't able to see anyone but I knew, in my heart, that I am not alone. And so it is for us all.

I've always wanted to do an elaborate spread in celebration of each point on the Seasonal Wheel but it hasn't yet occurred. If that's your jam and you celebrate with food, winter solstice to me is about root vegetables and the base chakra: Knowing that no matter what is happening around me, no matter the lack of direction, upheaval or the like, I am safe and I am not stuck. Hearty meals that give me joy and comfort seem most fitting. Do you have a recipe for a casserole or stew that is passed down in your family? Or a rich traditional lasagne with a secret ingredient? This heartiness gives me a sense of security and confidence to continue on.

Like I mentioned above, this Winter Solstice is, personally, about planning. I've got my coloured pens, and my A3 sketch pad ready, and a whiteboard for each project's individual detail. I will be making a pot of Shakti Tea and asking myself what's on the horizon for the year ahead, along with deadlines and time frames (because goals remain dreams without definition). I've been issued a challenge by a Goddess and my Guide and I'm not in the business of disappointing either.

This will be the start of an interesting seasonal year...

For those that want to play along at home I will be (randomly) posting to The Gateway Adelaide Instagram as I plot, plan, seed, move, work, and celebrate through this coming seasonal wheel. Come join me by sharing your own progress using #thegatewayadelaideseasonalwheel

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