Rites of Passage


Traditionally, when a woman stepped over a threshold it was celebrated and marked with a sacred ceremony. 

In cultures and civilisations across the globe these still occur and some modern day celebrations still have their roots in these traditions but for the most part, in western culture, these time honoured ritual were lost. As time has passed and the power of women and herstory diminished, the remaining rituals were twisted and their original roots long forgotten.

As a result of patriarchal control and conditioning, women have been left feeling powerless, overlooked, disregarded, abandoned and unsafe in society.

The unfortunate and prevailing belief is that women are objects and are only valued for youthful beauty and ability to bear children.

Our truth is that we are so much more. 

By being initiated into the world of women's mysteries and by honouring our blood rites we reclaim what was lost. We take back our herstory, our strength, our voice, and our courage.

We recognise our journey and our value.

We help those around us and we reconnect with our selves and our innate feminine power. 

The Thresholds of Womanhood



Mage | Wise Woman

Crone | Elderwoman

The Ceremonies

Welcome to Womanhood

Moon Time Awakening

Belly Blessings

Welcome to Clan

Act of Power

Croning Ceremony

These ceremonies are generally offered in small groups but can be organised for individuals. If you would like more information or to discuss an individual ceremony, please speak with Kate.

Our Current Ceremonial Offerings

Currently there are no public ceremonies scheduled.

If you would like to discuss or arrange a private one on one, or private group ceremony, please contact Kate on 0405 131 250.

To enquire as to our next upcoming public ceremony, please contact us.

Public ceremony event dates will be updated in 2020

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