“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

New ways of being need new ways of working and this is true now more than ever. My goal has always been to bring people, practitioners, and organisations together to work in partnership with each other to create waves of change. 


But it's more than that. It's coming together not to save or to outdo the others, or even to increase. It's coming together in with a common goal but remaining separate and different. Often when partnerships occur it is about one eclipsing the other so that they meld and morph.


I don't want that. I don't want "partnership", I want sistership. Where we each stand as individuals in our own right and the work we choose to do speaks for itself.  Where there is no need for competitive hierarchies or the fear of being engulfed and losing our uniqueness. In fact, I want uniqueness and difference with a desire to be part of the wave of change because that is ultimately what we must do. 

I want to walk together in sistership knowing that I am an individual but not alone.

The Gateway Adelaide was a thought at 3am, a desire for a tribe, and an unrelenting feeling of change.

The Gateway Whyalla was born out of a local need and is blossoming into an entity of its own, unique and individual.

The Gateway Mitcham was created completely separately and through synchronicity a sistership is formed.


Separate entities with a common goal to be part of the wave. Sister organisations walking together but individual in their own right.

If this is something that deeply resonates with you or you feel you would like to explore the concept of sistership, please, contact us. Chances are, it's not chance.

Our Sistership Organisations

The Gateway Whyalla was born out of a local need for the women to have a safe space to explore their hidden selves, develop and grow their innate women's wisdom and start to explore their budding and developing interest in themselves as energetic and spiritual beings, rather than merely existing in a physical body.

The Temple Keeper of The Gateway Whyalla is an amazing woman with an innate understanding and affinity with herbs - watching over her craft and sharing her wisdom if you dare lean in close. 

A wise woman remembering her old knowledge and memories, she ferments, blends, heals and crafts her unique magic offering her skills in areas such as tea blends, energy healing, and space holding.

The Gateway Mitcham is a centre for healing and transformation, in the foothills of Adelaide, offers a welcoming, affordable and safe place for healing, personal and spiritual development, while facilitating networking and friendships with others of like mind.

A range of practitioners are available by appointment offering various modalities, courses and information. The Gateway Mitcham also has a Calendar of Community Events with workshops, Soup and Meditation nights, Film nights, Fireside Storytelling, Sound Healing circles, Qi Gong, Art Therapy, Make your own Mandalas classes and more.

For more information contact Joy at:

0405 131 250

PO Box 119 Highbury SA 5089

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